Listener's poem on Chem Trails Chemical plants need to prepare for possible terrorist attacks Obama backtracking on smog plan and bowing to big business 911 The prevalence of mental Illness NSAIDS adverse affects including the newest: they more than double the risk of miscarriage Clinical trial results should be available to the public Health Care Reform Chocolate linked to heart health NIH revises financial conflict of interest rules a little Many seniors are discharged from the hospital with out their medications or instructions

Tips: #1 Clever Definitions One Day at a Time

Callers: David - suggests a new private investigation by the people that is not political Harvey - ALS may be an autoimmune disease

Len and Vicki discuss the following topics

The herb, Artemisinin, kills most cancers Vitamin D and Near Infrared Light (photon stimulator) for cancer pain. Study shows mammograms do not save lives Eating fiber reduces incidence of breast cancer Can we afford the Affordable Health Care Act? John Robbins Cliff Story Probiotic strains trigger different immune responses Body/Mind medicine

Callers Lisa regarding last week's show about grade points and communication skills for doctors and nurses, also having heart disease and living at high altitude

Online Question Jill Anxiety and how to treat it. Getting at the cause, etc.

20:20 Tips Tip #1 Paraprosdokians (laughter is the best medicine :) Tip #2 More paraprosdokians and words of wisdom by famous people

Topics of Discussion:

Raw Food and Milk Raid

Methyl Jasmonate, plant hormone, for cancer

DTaP for whooping cough?

Benefits of Vitamin K even with Coumadin

Congressional Debt Deal reduces Medicare Services

Caller off line: Joe regarding osteonecrosis of the jaw

Tips: #1: The Green Thing, #2: Don't Mess with Old Men!

Congress to relax FDA rules so drug advisors can have conflicts of interest. US drug firm faked documents Omega 3 fatty acids reduce anxiety and inflammation; Omega 3 frankensoy oil Zinc shortens the duration of the common cold Why family meals are so important "The Pill"...Birth Control Pills and their benefits and their dangers High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) increases heart disease Sleep loss can lower testosterone and what that really means

Caller: Lois with Gastrointestinal problems

Vicki's 20:20 Tips: Favorite Quotes from listener, Mike. Dr. Seuss 2011.

Do herbal supplements affect chemotherapy? Are dogs going to be the future in detecting cancer? How can you reduce the effects of a high fat meal? Child abuse can lead to long term depression with little response to traditional medicines and psychotherapy Life before Direct to Consumer ads on TV Caller: Mike re: multiple system apathy


Can wearing a bra increase your risk for cancer? Laughter can be the best medicine: Story from Michigan demonstrating why not to mess with old people

- Is there a financial solution for our ailing health care system? - A novel way to control the most common hospital acquired infections. - The importance of good nutrition. - The one cause of all disease. - Can spices prevent liver cancer? - Can drawing blood for lab tests have a downside? - Doctors and nurses surprisingly rely on CAM for their own treatment. - Callers: Bob - constipation, Phil (email question) - Is fructose in fruit OK for cancer patients?

Tips: #1 - Run in the Rain #2 - The Wooden Bowl

The beginning of the show on skype didn't seem to work and then we switched to the telephone, so here goes:

Do doctors adequately inform their patients re. possible complications of treatment? Does investing in prevention save health care costs? How many kids died of the flu last year? Was it an epidemic of influenza? What did Michele Bachmann really say to cause an uproar about Gardasil? Vaccinations Autism ADHD and importance of being outside And much more.....

Caller: Harvey - Stress and insurance and disease. Bringing med. back to people....

Tips: #1 - Story on Meaning of Stress, #2 - Fun facts on stress.

A Doctor's experience as a patient Do we really have a drug shortage crisis? The French drug scandal similar to FenFen. They are at it again: Still recommending flu shots with no scientific basis Mixed messages re. whooping cough vaccine Medicare and the "doc fix" Callers: John re. medical transcriptions, Richard re. hypothyroidism

20:20 Health Tips:

Scented laundry products emit hazardous chemicals through dryer vents

Why didn't I figure this out sooner about shampoo!

  • An update on "A Doctor's Experience as a Patient"
  • Acid reducing drugs TRIPLE the risk of life threatening Clostridium Difficile
  • MD's admit patients get too much aggressive treatment
  • Medical Education needs to include Public Health and Prevention
  • A Return to Healing available on
  • Health Insurance rates continue to climb
  • Vitamin B12 markers can prevent dementia
  • 89% of women erroneously believe mammograms are vital.

Callers: Mike (MN): Ozone therapy, Sandy (FL): Skin rash, Jeff (LA, CA): Hepatitis re. ozone, Harvey (SF, CA): Health benefits of no sugar, white flour, white rice or corn products.

Tips: #1 Dangers and Politics of BPA in food cans, etc. #2: Things to remember for peace of mind to avoid dis ease.

  • Continuation of the doctor as the patient
  • A tribute to Steve Jobs and pancreatic cancer treatments
  • Antioxidants tied to mixed effects in breast cancer
  • Prenatal diet tied to birth defects
  • Inflammatory food toxins found in high levels in infants
  • Can dietary supplements with minerals have risks?

Vicki's Health Tips:

#1 - Great Truths #2 - Susan G. Komen Conflicts of Interest and Pink Washing

  • A Doctor's experience as a patient including possible complications from hip replacement surgery
  • What does "Occupy Wall Street" have to do with Health Care?
  • Purple pill medicines for infants who spit up?! Tips for parents.
  • Sound healing can affect the rhythm of our heart and much more.
  • Raw fruits and vegetables can change the effect of our genes on heart disease.
  • Environmental toxins linked to heart attacks and strokes
  • Nutritional supplement overloading can have unwanted results, Vit. E - prostate cancer, Vit. A osteoporosis, etc.

Caller: Dave re. detoxification from metals. Film, "Sacred Science" about the sick being treated in Amazon by Shamans.

Tips: #1 Quotes to make us laugh at ourselves (laughter is the best medicine). #2 More reasons to laugh at ourselves

Prescriptions for Health 10/31/11:

  • Antidepressants are on the rise in the US.
  • Occupy Wall Street
  • Steroids and menopause are both tied to vitamin D deficiency
  • Elder surgeries that don't improve quality of life.


  • Jack (Manhattan) : sensory neural hearing loss with tinnitus
  • Maxine (Marin): Update on Doc's hip surgery. Tx. for Sciatica.
  • Stuart (LA): How to manage BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy)
  • Murray (Brooklyn): pneumonia


  • "Why I call him Honey" and tips on cognitive decline
  • What love means to a 4-8 year old
Prescriptions for Health, 11/7/11:
  • Occupy Wall Street needs revolution and evolution.
  • Is getting drugs to market faster better or worse?
  • Can you acquire a resistant microbe in your hospital room left from a previous patient?
  • If you are taking this drug, don't take Aspirin.
  • Does person centered care reduce the length of hospitalizations?
  • How can we change our genetic predispositon to obesity?
  • An ounce of raw nuts can affect our feel good, serotonin levels, in the gut and help with metabolic syndrome.

Vicki's 20:20 Health Tips:

  • "Ticked Off" about Social Security and Medicare from Montana.
  • Senior citizens and their ailments along with one "blessing"!?
  • MD's over-prescribe tests if they make a profit from them.
  • Could probiotics prevent deaths from swine flu as an alternative to the flu shot?
  • Are we getting sick from our disinfected water by-products?
  • The U.S. still lags in health quality improvements.
  • A government backed expert panel joins in the fight against skin cancer by pushing for a ban on tanning booths.

Caller #1: Harvey (SF) - The importance of alkalinity in our diet. Caller puts spirulina in his water (no taste). #2: Giselle (NY) -  Probiotic in a nasal spray not available yet. Asked for water filter recommendation.

Health Tips: #1 -Law suit for "fruit" snacks without the fruit. Shame shame on General Mills #2 -Living your life backwards?!

  • Garlic oil is protective to the heart and more....
  • How too much iron can accelerate the aging process
  • Colonoscopy screening is questioned by the National Cancer Institute.
  • More news on probiotics. Can they protect us from radiation damage? How do we choose a probiotic?
  • Do the majority of Americans want to repeal our Health Care Reform?
  • Tom from Illinois on prostate cancer
  • Neil from N.C. on Vitamin D3
Nurse Vicki's 20:20 Health Tips:
  • Laughter is the best medicine x2.
  • How to maintain a healthy level of insanity :)
  • The computer industry compared to the car industry :)
  • Low HDL cholesterol does not cause heart attacks
  • It is unusual for doctors and nurses to wash their hands in patient's rooms!
  • Canadians recommend fewer mammograms, no self breast exams, and no clinical breast exams
  • Food in childrens' hospitals is unhealthy
  • Adverse drug reactions in seniors leads to 100,000 emergency room visits per year
  • One in ten stent patients is readmitted within 10 days with serious outcomes
  • Is your hip implant poisoning you?
  • Replacement for low vitamin D prevents heart attacks

Vicki's Health Tips:

  • Does every body need milk?
  • LOL: High tech in a sauna :)

What's more important, fitness or body weight?

Should medical wrongdoing be a criminal act?

Main stream medicine is finally looking to alternatives for peripheral neuropathy!

Photon stimulator explanation and it's benefits

Omega 3 Fish reduces heart attacks and strokes in young women.

How long does a C. Difficile acquired hospital infection, lengthen your hospital stay?

Callers: George (Long Island) re. his peripheral neuropathy

Mike (Michigan) re. the effects of smart meters (can post on meter that you don't want it)

Tips: #1 Hypnotist at local senior center (LOL)

#2 Donald Trump on "Dumbo" Health Care

  • UK study shows mammograms cold be dong more harm than good!
  • PSA tests for prostate cancer vs. 3D/4D echo sonograms and MRI with spectroscopy
  • Breath tests for detecting lung cancer as with sniffer dogs is 80-90% accurate
  • The American Cancer Society is backing down on some cancer screening tests
  • Drug treatments for Alzheimers disease are lacking. Is there effective treatment for it?


  • John (Oregon) Wife's breast cancer returned and metastasized after 11 years. Discussed zometa and alternatives.
  • Mary (Atlanta, GA) - Uterine cancer one year ago and now cancer free. Vegetarian, and other healthy life style measures to prevent recurance, etc.

Vicki's Tips:

  • Words of Wisdom
  • Infant Discovered in Barn.
  • Osteoporosis News: Calcium deficiency may not be the cause
  • A possible cancer breakthrough with a liver nutrient
  • Another cancer breakthrough for acute myelogenous leukemia with fish oil!
  • Dieting and eating disorders
  • What ingredient in some candies can prevent cavities and gum disease?
  • The ethics of over treatment in the Intensive Care Unit

Callers: Marie from Staten Island re. H.Pylori, Eric from New Jersey with more on H. Pylori

Vicki's Health Tips:

  • The Month after Christmas (LOL)
  • Great Truths to make us laugh at ourselves.
  • Can chlorophyll prevent cancer?
  • Can probiotics prevent a heart attack?
  • If sweets increase inflammation, what prevents inflammation?
  • Sugary sodas increase fat in surprising places.
  • Can you die of a broken heart?
  • The medical use of insects

Callers: Bobby (NJ): H. pylori...normal to have it. Can be healthy to protect against inflammation in gut. Problem if an ulcer, but other things to try before resorting to antibiotics. The hormone, Leptin, is important for appetite regulation and low leptin levels are related to lower incidence of heart attacks. James (CA): PLAC test for LP-PIAZ blood test results may indicate risk for stroke. Discussed live blood cell analysis and vascular stiffness test and heart rate variability test.

Vicki's 20:20 Health Tips:

  • Growing older :)
  • Observations on growing older ..... LOL
  • Can your diet soda really cause a heart attack or a stroke?
  • Will our health insurance companies be forced to cover massages with the latest exciting new research findings?
  • Another risk for ADHD?
  • H. Pylori has risks and benefits. What's the latest this week?
  • Drugs to prevent a stroke can be life threatening, especially in combination. Are their safer alternatives?
  • What is free that can reduce the risk of allergies and eczema in children?

Vicki's 20:20 Health Tips:

  • Why are avocados so healthy?
  • Think Before You Pink......pinkwashing re. the marketing of pink ribbon products that contribute to the risk of breast cancer

Callers: Stella from MI: Allergies (hay fever)

Lily from SF, CA: Triclosan (antibacterial) dangers (found in her Microban electric toothbrush)

  • Whitney Houston's death and antidepressants
  • It may be best not to do heart screening tests, unless there are symptoms.
  • Is defensive medicine worth it, or is it just driving up health care costs?
  • The most powerful anti-aging medicine is not a drug. What is it?
  • The most powerful non-meat sources of iron that are key to it's absorption.
  • Personal medical debt is on the rise.

Tips:  #1 Raw foods may be mislabeled....Mislabeling in general.

#2 Genetically engineered foods are in our blood. Are we a massive experiment?

Here is a summary of today's Prescriptions for Health show, 2/20/12:

  • Who are most satisfied with their health care? Answer will surprise you!
  • When is medical practice more harmful than helpful?
  • Are pediatrician's really firing patients that don't get immunizations?!
  • Do we really have a drug shortage crisis or is it a marketing ploy?
  • Heart failure is linked to thinner bones and fractures.

Tips: #1: Dangerously high levels of arsenic found in organic baby formulas and energy bars containing brown rice syrup because rice takes up arsenic from the soil.

#2: The Perfect Diet? LOL because laughter is the best medicine :)


JC from NYC: considerations for a pinched nerve in her neck

Harvey from San Francisco: Considerations for corns on feet. Discussion of the with CA. power plants on fault lines and brittle pipes just waiting to explode from "The Big One" along with no nuclear waste storage.

Jackie from SF, CA: Discussion about cacao beans and black raspberries and health benefits.

Prescriptions for Health, 2/27/12.

  • BPA or Bisphenol A found to increase the risk of heart disease plus other harms.
  • Stainless steel and copper for killing germs. SS and glass as alternatives to plastic.
  • Why is Vitamin D in the news again?
  • Working out for depression and burnout....even on the job.
  • In the absence of symptoms, carotid ultrasounds are of no benefit.
  • Testing for osteoporosis and EKG's, etc. over done (Churches need to research).
  • Virtual Colonoscopy offers little benefit.
  • What are the best probiotics that will survive the digestive tract?
  • Medical Ethics

Vicki's 20:20 Health Tips:

  1. Trust your husband? LOL for laughter is the best medicine
  2. Oldie's at lunch....another LOL, "         "   "     "        "

Caller: Stuart from L.A., CA - BPA concern and bladder stone.

Prescriptions for Health, 3/5/12

  • New safety alerts on statins (cholesterol lowering drugs)
  • Can anesthesia lead to dementia?
  • Insomnia is linked to inflammation and increases the risk of death.
  • Many leading prescription sleeping pills can increase the risk of death and increase the risk of cancer by 35%!
  • Defying expectations, sleep gets better with age.
  • Alcoholism is not uncommon among surgeons.


  • Alan (Brooklyn) - Hepatitis C and right hand shakes with possible Parkinson's Disease: Suggested CoQ10, IV Glutathione with Dr. David Perlmutter in Fla.
  • Marlin (New Jersey) - Dupuytren's Contracture
  • QUESTION: HOW MUCH MONEY DOES BIG PHARMA SPEND ON EACH INDIVIDUAL DOCTOR EVERY YEAR FOR PROMOTION? THE ANSWER FROM THE INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE..... CORRECT GUESS WINS A BOOK: "A Return to Healing" by Dr. Len Saputo .......... Callers: Alan (Brooklyn), Amal (CT), Ed (PA), Nina (Santa Barbara, CA), Hal (North Carolina), etc.
  • The winner is HAL!!!! His guess was closest to the answer.
  • The ANSWER is an astounding $61,000.00 spent on each medical doctor to promote pharmaceutical drugs!

Vicki's 20:20 Health Tips:

  1. Home Remedy (LOL)
  2. Sharing a Marriage (Laughter is the best medicine :)

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