Prescriptions for Health, 3/12/12:

  • The FDA May Allow More Drugs Over-the-Counter
  • Does a Spoonful or two of Vinegar Make Sugar Levels Go Down?
  • Breast Imaging for Pain is Not Useful.
  • Ten Strategies to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
  • Effects of Environmental Toxins Reach Down Through Generations.


  • Alan from NY: Parkinson's. Recommended Dr. Perlmutter in FL. Suggestions to discuss with Health Care Practitioner: CoQ10, Alpha lipoic acid, PPQ, toxins in environment, etc.
  • Marlin from NJ: Inversion Table sound OK for disc disease under supervision of your Chiropractor.
  • John from NJ: Hit as a pedestrian by a car and had questions about more surgery and some of his injuries


  1. Regulators dispute finding of cancer-causing soda
  2. Why pistachio nuts are such a healthy snack

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