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Prescriptions for Health, 2/27/12.

  • BPA or Bisphenol A found to increase the risk of heart disease plus other harms.
  • Stainless steel and copper for killing germs. SS and glass as alternatives to plastic.
  • Why is Vitamin D in the news again?
  • Working out for depression and burnout....even on the job.
  • In the absence of symptoms, carotid ultrasounds are of no benefit.
  • Testing for osteoporosis and EKG's, etc. over done (Churches need to research).
  • Virtual Colonoscopy offers little benefit.
  • What are the best probiotics that will survive the digestive tract?
  • Medical Ethics

Vicki's 20:20 Health Tips:

  1. Trust your husband? LOL for laughter is the best medicine
  2. Oldie's at lunch....another LOL, "         "   "     "        "

Caller: Stuart from L.A., CA - BPA concern and bladder stone.

Here is a summary of today's Prescriptions for Health show, 2/20/12:

  • Who are most satisfied with their health care? Answer will surprise you!
  • When is medical practice more harmful than helpful?
  • Are pediatrician's really firing patients that don't get immunizations?!
  • Do we really have a drug shortage crisis or is it a marketing ploy?
  • Heart failure is linked to thinner bones and fractures.

Tips: #1: Dangerously high levels of arsenic found in organic baby formulas and energy bars containing brown rice syrup because rice takes up arsenic from the soil.

#2: The Perfect Diet? LOL because laughter is the best medicine :)


JC from NYC: considerations for a pinched nerve in her neck

Harvey from San Francisco: Considerations for corns on feet. Discussion of the with CA. power plants on fault lines and brittle pipes just waiting to explode from "The Big One" along with no nuclear waste storage.

Jackie from SF, CA: Discussion about cacao beans and black raspberries and health benefits.

  • Whitney Houston's death and antidepressants
  • It may be best not to do heart screening tests, unless there are symptoms.
  • Is defensive medicine worth it, or is it just driving up health care costs?
  • The most powerful anti-aging medicine is not a drug. What is it?
  • The most powerful non-meat sources of iron that are key to it's absorption.
  • Personal medical debt is on the rise.

Tips:  #1 Raw foods may be mislabeled....Mislabeling in general.

#2 Genetically engineered foods are in our blood. Are we a massive experiment?

  • Can your diet soda really cause a heart attack or a stroke?
  • Will our health insurance companies be forced to cover massages with the latest exciting new research findings?
  • Another risk for ADHD?
  • H. Pylori has risks and benefits. What's the latest this week?
  • Drugs to prevent a stroke can be life threatening, especially in combination. Are their safer alternatives?
  • What is free that can reduce the risk of allergies and eczema in children?

Vicki's 20:20 Health Tips:

  • Why are avocados so healthy?
  • Think Before You Pink......pinkwashing re. the marketing of pink ribbon products that contribute to the risk of breast cancer

Callers: Stella from MI: Allergies (hay fever)

Lily from SF, CA: Triclosan (antibacterial) dangers (found in her Microban electric toothbrush)

Prescriptions For Health
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