Archive for January 2012

  • Can chlorophyll prevent cancer?
  • Can probiotics prevent a heart attack?
  • If sweets increase inflammation, what prevents inflammation?
  • Sugary sodas increase fat in surprising places.
  • Can you die of a broken heart?
  • The medical use of insects

Callers: Bobby (NJ): H. pylori...normal to have it. Can be healthy to protect against inflammation in gut. Problem if an ulcer, but other things to try before resorting to antibiotics. The hormone, Leptin, is important for appetite regulation and low leptin levels are related to lower incidence of heart attacks. James (CA): PLAC test for LP-PIAZ blood test results may indicate risk for stroke. Discussed live blood cell analysis and vascular stiffness test and heart rate variability test.

Vicki's 20:20 Health Tips:

  • Growing older :)
  • Observations on growing older ..... LOL
  • Osteoporosis News: Calcium deficiency may not be the cause
  • A possible cancer breakthrough with a liver nutrient
  • Another cancer breakthrough for acute myelogenous leukemia with fish oil!
  • Dieting and eating disorders
  • What ingredient in some candies can prevent cavities and gum disease?
  • The ethics of over treatment in the Intensive Care Unit

Callers: Marie from Staten Island re. H.Pylori, Eric from New Jersey with more on H. Pylori

Vicki's Health Tips:

  • The Month after Christmas (LOL)
  • Great Truths to make us laugh at ourselves.

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