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  • UK study shows mammograms cold be dong more harm than good!
  • PSA tests for prostate cancer vs. 3D/4D echo sonograms and MRI with spectroscopy
  • Breath tests for detecting lung cancer as with sniffer dogs is 80-90% accurate
  • The American Cancer Society is backing down on some cancer screening tests
  • Drug treatments for Alzheimers disease are lacking. Is there effective treatment for it?


  • John (Oregon) Wife's breast cancer returned and metastasized after 11 years. Discussed zometa and alternatives.
  • Mary (Atlanta, GA) - Uterine cancer one year ago and now cancer free. Vegetarian, and other healthy life style measures to prevent recurance, etc.

Vicki's Tips:

  • Words of Wisdom
  • Infant Discovered in Barn.

What's more important, fitness or body weight?

Should medical wrongdoing be a criminal act?

Main stream medicine is finally looking to alternatives for peripheral neuropathy!

Photon stimulator explanation and it's benefits

Omega 3 Fish reduces heart attacks and strokes in young women.

How long does a C. Difficile acquired hospital infection, lengthen your hospital stay?

Callers: George (Long Island) re. his peripheral neuropathy

Mike (Michigan) re. the effects of smart meters (can post on meter that you don't want it)

Tips: #1 Hypnotist at local senior center (LOL)

#2 Donald Trump on "Dumbo" Health Care

  • Low HDL cholesterol does not cause heart attacks
  • It is unusual for doctors and nurses to wash their hands in patient's rooms!
  • Canadians recommend fewer mammograms, no self breast exams, and no clinical breast exams
  • Food in childrens' hospitals is unhealthy
  • Adverse drug reactions in seniors leads to 100,000 emergency room visits per year
  • One in ten stent patients is readmitted within 10 days with serious outcomes
  • Is your hip implant poisoning you?
  • Replacement for low vitamin D prevents heart attacks

Vicki's Health Tips:

  • Does every body need milk?
  • LOL: High tech in a sauna :)

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