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  • Garlic oil is protective to the heart and more....
  • How too much iron can accelerate the aging process
  • Colonoscopy screening is questioned by the National Cancer Institute.
  • More news on probiotics. Can they protect us from radiation damage? How do we choose a probiotic?
  • Do the majority of Americans want to repeal our Health Care Reform?
  • Tom from Illinois on prostate cancer
  • Neil from N.C. on Vitamin D3
Nurse Vicki's 20:20 Health Tips:
  • Laughter is the best medicine x2.
  • How to maintain a healthy level of insanity :)
  • The computer industry compared to the car industry :)
  • MD's over-prescribe tests if they make a profit from them.
  • Could probiotics prevent deaths from swine flu as an alternative to the flu shot?
  • Are we getting sick from our disinfected water by-products?
  • The U.S. still lags in health quality improvements.
  • A government backed expert panel joins in the fight against skin cancer by pushing for a ban on tanning booths.

Caller #1: Harvey (SF) - The importance of alkalinity in our diet. Caller puts spirulina in his water (no taste). #2: Giselle (NY) -  Probiotic in a nasal spray not available yet. Asked for water filter recommendation.

Health Tips: #1 -Law suit for "fruit" snacks without the fruit. Shame shame on General Mills #2 -Living your life backwards?!

Prescriptions for Health, 11/7/11:
  • Occupy Wall Street needs revolution and evolution.
  • Is getting drugs to market faster better or worse?
  • Can you acquire a resistant microbe in your hospital room left from a previous patient?
  • If you are taking this drug, don't take Aspirin.
  • Does person centered care reduce the length of hospitalizations?
  • How can we change our genetic predispositon to obesity?
  • An ounce of raw nuts can affect our feel good, serotonin levels, in the gut and help with metabolic syndrome.

Vicki's 20:20 Health Tips:

  • "Ticked Off" about Social Security and Medicare from Montana.
  • Senior citizens and their ailments along with one "blessing"!?

Prescriptions For Health
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