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Prescriptions for Health 10/31/11:

  • Antidepressants are on the rise in the US.
  • Occupy Wall Street
  • Steroids and menopause are both tied to vitamin D deficiency
  • Elder surgeries that don't improve quality of life.


  • Jack (Manhattan) : sensory neural hearing loss with tinnitus
  • Maxine (Marin): Update on Doc's hip surgery. Tx. for Sciatica.
  • Stuart (LA): How to manage BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy)
  • Murray (Brooklyn): pneumonia


  • "Why I call him Honey" and tips on cognitive decline
  • What love means to a 4-8 year old

  • A Doctor's experience as a patient including possible complications from hip replacement surgery
  • What does "Occupy Wall Street" have to do with Health Care?
  • Purple pill medicines for infants who spit up?! Tips for parents.
  • Sound healing can affect the rhythm of our heart and much more.
  • Raw fruits and vegetables can change the effect of our genes on heart disease.
  • Environmental toxins linked to heart attacks and strokes
  • Nutritional supplement overloading can have unwanted results, Vit. E - prostate cancer, Vit. A osteoporosis, etc.

Caller: Dave re. detoxification from metals. Film, "Sacred Science" about the sick being treated in Amazon by Shamans.

Tips: #1 Quotes to make us laugh at ourselves (laughter is the best medicine). #2 More reasons to laugh at ourselves

  • Continuation of the doctor as the patient
  • A tribute to Steve Jobs and pancreatic cancer treatments
  • Antioxidants tied to mixed effects in breast cancer
  • Prenatal diet tied to birth defects
  • Inflammatory food toxins found in high levels in infants
  • Can dietary supplements with minerals have risks?

Vicki's Health Tips:

#1 - Great Truths #2 - Susan G. Komen Conflicts of Interest and Pink Washing

  • An update on "A Doctor's Experience as a Patient"
  • Acid reducing drugs TRIPLE the risk of life threatening Clostridium Difficile
  • MD's admit patients get too much aggressive treatment
  • Medical Education needs to include Public Health and Prevention
  • A Return to Healing available on
  • Health Insurance rates continue to climb
  • Vitamin B12 markers can prevent dementia
  • 89% of women erroneously believe mammograms are vital.

Callers: Mike (MN): Ozone therapy, Sandy (FL): Skin rash, Jeff (LA, CA): Hepatitis re. ozone, Harvey (SF, CA): Health benefits of no sugar, white flour, white rice or corn products.

Tips: #1 Dangers and Politics of BPA in food cans, etc. #2: Things to remember for peace of mind to avoid dis ease.

Prescriptions For Health
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