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A Doctor's experience as a patient Do we really have a drug shortage crisis? The French drug scandal similar to FenFen. They are at it again: Still recommending flu shots with no scientific basis Mixed messages re. whooping cough vaccine Medicare and the "doc fix" Callers: John re. medical transcriptions, Richard re. hypothyroidism

20:20 Health Tips:

Scented laundry products emit hazardous chemicals through dryer vents

Why didn't I figure this out sooner about shampoo!

The beginning of the show on skype didn't seem to work and then we switched to the telephone, so here goes:

Do doctors adequately inform their patients re. possible complications of treatment? Does investing in prevention save health care costs? How many kids died of the flu last year? Was it an epidemic of influenza? What did Michele Bachmann really say to cause an uproar about Gardasil? Vaccinations Autism ADHD and importance of being outside And much more.....

Caller: Harvey - Stress and insurance and disease. Bringing med. back to people....

Tips: #1 - Story on Meaning of Stress, #2 - Fun facts on stress.

Listener's poem on Chem Trails Chemical plants need to prepare for possible terrorist attacks Obama backtracking on smog plan and bowing to big business 911 The prevalence of mental Illness NSAIDS adverse affects including the newest: they more than double the risk of miscarriage Clinical trial results should be available to the public Health Care Reform Chocolate linked to heart health NIH revises financial conflict of interest rules a little Many seniors are discharged from the hospital with out their medications or instructions

Tips: #1 Clever Definitions One Day at a Time

Callers: David - suggests a new private investigation by the people that is not political Harvey - ALS may be an autoimmune disease

Prescriptions For Health
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