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- Is there a financial solution for our ailing health care system? - A novel way to control the most common hospital acquired infections. - The importance of good nutrition. - The one cause of all disease. - Can spices prevent liver cancer? - Can drawing blood for lab tests have a downside? - Doctors and nurses surprisingly rely on CAM for their own treatment. - Callers: Bob - constipation, Phil (email question) - Is fructose in fruit OK for cancer patients?

Tips: #1 - Run in the Rain #2 - The Wooden Bowl

Do herbal supplements affect chemotherapy? Are dogs going to be the future in detecting cancer? How can you reduce the effects of a high fat meal? Child abuse can lead to long term depression with little response to traditional medicines and psychotherapy Life before Direct to Consumer ads on TV Caller: Mike re: multiple system apathy


Can wearing a bra increase your risk for cancer? Laughter can be the best medicine: Story from Michigan demonstrating why not to mess with old people

Congress to relax FDA rules so drug advisors can have conflicts of interest. US drug firm faked documents Omega 3 fatty acids reduce anxiety and inflammation; Omega 3 frankensoy oil Zinc shortens the duration of the common cold Why family meals are so important "The Pill"...Birth Control Pills and their benefits and their dangers High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) increases heart disease Sleep loss can lower testosterone and what that really means

Caller: Lois with Gastrointestinal problems

Vicki's 20:20 Tips: Favorite Quotes from listener, Mike. Dr. Seuss 2011.

Topics of Discussion:

Raw Food and Milk Raid

Methyl Jasmonate, plant hormone, for cancer

DTaP for whooping cough?

Benefits of Vitamin K even with Coumadin

Congressional Debt Deal reduces Medicare Services

Caller off line: Joe regarding osteonecrosis of the jaw

Tips: #1: The Green Thing, #2: Don't Mess with Old Men!

Len and Vicki discuss the following topics

The herb, Artemisinin, kills most cancers Vitamin D and Near Infrared Light (photon stimulator) for cancer pain. Study shows mammograms do not save lives Eating fiber reduces incidence of breast cancer Can we afford the Affordable Health Care Act? John Robbins Cliff Story Probiotic strains trigger different immune responses Body/Mind medicine

Callers Lisa regarding last week's show about grade points and communication skills for doctors and nurses, also having heart disease and living at high altitude

Online Question Jill Anxiety and how to treat it. Getting at the cause, etc.

20:20 Tips Tip #1 Paraprosdokians (laughter is the best medicine :) Tip #2 More paraprosdokians and words of wisdom by famous people

Prescriptions For Health
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