• Are Drug Warning Labels Capturing Attention?
  • Medical Doctors are Suing Aetna for Coverage Denials
  • Keeping the Flu Away with Synthetic Immune Stimulants?

Vicki’s 20:20 Health Tips:

  • The EWG’s Dirty Dozen Plus and Clean 15 Guide to Pesticides in Produce
  • Can Barbequing Meat and Fish Cause Cancer?


  • Bill (Georgia): How do we define health medicine? American Holistic Medical Association is a good resource for Health Care Practitioners.
  • Bob (San Francisco): AARP article on blood pressure. It is best to check BP in both arms simultaneously.
  • George (Long Island): Hypertension and Atrial Fibrillation – taking Diltiazem for BP. Information to review with health care practitioner.

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