• Cutting Edge Treatment for Strokes
  • Dietary Artificial Transfats are Linked to Aggression
  • What is Bankrupting our Healthcare System?

Tips: #1:Dead Pus Cells are Present in Pasturized Milk

#2:Neonicitinoid Insecticides are Killing off our Bees

Callers: Denise (Manhattan) -  Possible Facial Surgery Vascular Complication

John - Deep Vein Thrombosis in Leg

Harvey  (Berkeley) - California Nuclear Initiative, Sugar and Sticky Blood

Cassandra (Atlanta) - Grown and Low Back Pain: PT, Chiropractic, DMSO, Photon Stimulator

Pam (New Jersey) - Neck, Hand, Wrist Pain and Plantar Fasciitis re. Pro Lo Therapy with Ozone


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