Archive for March 2014

  • How far does Big Pharma go to market its drugs?
  • Are college athletes abused by universities?
  • How are computers ruining the MD-patient relationship?
  • How can fish help you sleep?
  • How inadequate sleep in adolescents can compromise their future health.

Vicki's 20-20 tips are:

  • Everyday products in your home can be making you sick
  • How to get started in reducing environmental toxins
  • How is low tech shamanic healing superior to modern high tech mainstream medicine?
  • The drug doctors prescribe most for pain relief is now linked to ADHD!
  • Newly appreciated side effects of antidepressants are worse than your wildest imagination!
  • The number of commonly used drugs that are dangerous to use with statins will blow your mind!
  • What pesticide is now unavoidable in our food, water, and air?

Vicki's 20-20 tips are:

  • Truths and rules to remember
  • How to keep food fresh longer

Prescriptions For Health
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