Archive for November 2013

  • Important tips for when a loved one is dying
  • What could be good about getting breast cancer?
  • What is the most commonly prescribed pain medicine for pregnant women that could harm their babies?
  • Why a nurturing parent is important for children's brain development
  • What influences us most when ordering at a restaurant?

Vicki's 20-20 tips

  • Am I a fireman yet?
  • A bus stop quiz
  • What happened to Universal Health Care and how did we wind up with Obamacare?
  • The pros and cons of Obamacare
  • Can the ACA reign in the out-of-control health care costs?
  • What will happen in states that do not adopt Obamacare?
  • The people who don't qualify for Medicaid but can't afford to purchase health insurance won't be helped much!
  • What will Obamacare mean to people under 40 and those over 55?
  • What are the guaranteed services that are free that come with Obamacare
  • What are the real solutions for America's health care system?

Vicki's 20-20 tips:

  • The greatest gift
  • Cell phone etiquette 

Prescriptions For Health
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