Archive for June 2013

  • Does the flu vaccine increase the risk for developing other respiratory infections?
  • What does sunshine do that vitamin D does not?
  • What mineral that catalyzes 300 biochemical reactions in the human body is deficient in 80% of the US population?
  • What routine screening test could infect 500,000 people every year?
  • How can you safely avoid a colonoscopy?

Vicki's 20-20 tips are:

  • Farmed raised fish are a curse on salmon, the ecosystem, and your health?
  • What vegetable provides the most nutrients per penny?
  • Should Angelina Jolie have had a bilateral mastectomy?
  • Does estrogen influence the risk of sudden cardiac death?
  • Can the mineral oil products you put on your skin cause cancer?
  • Should doctor assisted suicide be legalized?
  • Does Kava work for anxiety and is it safe?

Vicki's 20-20 tips;

  • A sense of humor is healthy!
  • Maxine's thoughts for the day.

Prescriptions For Health
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