Archive for May 2013

  • How healthcare died and became a business
  • Are SSRI antidepressants safe after surgery?
  • Can naturopaths reduce cardiovascular risk factors in patients seeing cardiologists?
  • Do drug companies give kickbacks to doctors and pharmacists for prescribing their drugs?
  • Can just one session of the relaxation response change DNA expression?

Vicki's 20-20 tips:

  • Why is vitamin "F" important
  • How toxic is your lipstick
  • What is l-carnitine and why is it important in heart disease?
  • What kinds of stresses increase the risk for a heart attack?
  • Why reducing complications may costs hospitals money
  • Why don't doctors care much about medical costs?
  • How do doctors learn about new drugs?

Vicki's 20-20 tips include:

  • The key to preventing moldy berries
  • Psychiatrists vs bartenders

Prescriptions For Health
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