Archive for October 2012

  • Should standard medical guidelines be questioned?
  • Are chemotherapy benefits over-estimated by both patients and doctors?
  • Can epidural steroid injections for back pain cause fractures?
  • Do happy seniors live longer than unhappy seniors?
  • Does hypnosis work for hot flashes?

Vicki's 20-20 tips:

  • Antiaging tips
  • Advice on how to avoid the flu

Prescriptions for Health Show 10/22/12:

  • Is practicing nutrition without being a licensed dietician a crime?
  • A new risk factor for type 2 diabetes
  • What effect does vitamin K have on type 2 diabetes?
  • What effect does exercise have on immunity against cancer?
  • Spicing up your life with curcumin

Vicki's 20-20 health tips are:

  • Fight like a girl
  • The intoxicating solution

Caller: Bill (GA): vaccinations

Prescriptions for Health, 10.15.12

· Is Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) a Benign Lesion?

· Why are Strokes Now Affecting Younger People?

· Are Health Care Providers Trained to Deal with the Sexual Needs of their Patients?

· New Information on How Superbugs Spread

· What Mineral is Deficient in Vegetarians and the Elderly?

Vicki’s 20:20 Health Tips:

· Why Freeze a Whole Lemon?

· A Mature Lady Driver (LOL)

  • Can you kiss cancer away?
  • What can be done for ringing in the ears?
  • Why are Americans not filling their prescriptions or getting recommended tests?
  • Does taking a nap make you lazy?
  • New research to curb C. diff

Vicki's 20-20 tips

  • Healthy foods for lowering stress
  • Foods to avoid when you're sick


  • Ron from Yonkers wanted to know which photon stimulator to purchase

Prescriptions for Health, 10/1/12:

· What are we Eating that is the Same as Alcohol without the Buzz?

· Can you treat depression with NSAID’s?

· A Delicious Solution to Lower the Risk of Gout.

· Should Doctors follow science or their Gut Feelings?

· A Natural Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Nurse Vicki’s 20:20 Health Tips:

· How Great is Mother Nature?

· It May Be Better to Shop Alone (LOL: Laughter is the best medicine J)

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