Prescriptions for Health, 8/27/12:

· What to do to Minimize a Traumatic Injury

· Are US MD’s Suffering from Burnout?

· Can the Microflora in our Gut Cause us to Gain Weight?

· Does a Strong Spiritual Belief lead to Better Health?

Vicki’s 20:20 Health Tips:

· Laughs for Seniors

· Microwaves Reduce Nutrients in Our Food


· Dawn (MD): “Sun spot” that won’t heal

· Terry (TN): Turmeric’s health benefits

· Bill (GA): Leukemia: Consider an Integrative Oncologist for chemo, Fish Oil, Artemisinin, Methyl Jasmonate, IV Vitamin C.

· George (LI): Infrared cooking and how to tx a stainless steel pan with smoked olive oil to prevent sticking


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