Prescriptions for Health, June 25, 2012:

· Vitamin D with Calcium Reduces Mortality in Elderly

· Infection Can Lead to Cancer

· Fruit that Protects Against Obesity Related Diabetes

· The Importance of Microbes in Regulating Inflammation,

Reducing Pain and much more.

Vicki’s 20:20 Tips J:

· Cell Phone…LOL

· The Seed (Food for Thought)


· Lucy (NJ): Tick bite (Essential oils of Idaho Pansy and Purification from Young Living seem to be good at deterring ticks) etc.

· Ed (L.A.): Wife URI x 2 mos and what to do about side effects from steroids

· Richard: Probiotics if had an appendectomy

· Lee (NYC): Glaucoma supplements in addition to prescription eye drops


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